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Studio Xaquixe’s vocation has been the same since its inception

to provide employment and training to people from surrounding villages
and to integrate them as working partners in the operation of the studio.
Our growth in the workshop has produced a central focus
- the continuing education of our employees in the equipment, techniques
and innovative production processes necessary to create glass objects.
To date, most of the staff that make up Studio Xaquixe are from neighboring communities
such as Telixtlahuaca, San Agustín Etla and Magdalena Apasco Etla.

The Team


The rich creative history of the Oaxacan people has engendered a society with great ingenuity and natural skill.
At Xaquixe these talents have merged with new technologies and innovative processes and designs
to create sustainable and collaborative work in the shop.

Come meet our team…

Salime Harp Cruces

Salime is an Industrial Engineer and graduate of the Instituto Technológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.
She received the ITEMS-CONACYT scholarship to complete a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering
focusing her studies on the installation and operation of the local glass industry in Mexico.
With additional professional training in a wide range of glass manufacturing techniques
gained through her studies at Urban Glass in New York City
Salime has participated in several national and international exhibitions, collaborated on projects with other artists
as well as participated in two biennials at the Museo del Vidrio in Monterrey.
She spends extensive time training artisans and teaching classes at Xaquixe.
She is Studio Xaquixe’s Executive Director. Salime hails from Oaxaca, Mexico.
Christian Thornton
Salime Harp Cruces


Arturo López Hernández

Arturo López Hernández

Arturo is an artisan and the studio's Head Technician and Production Chief.
Involved at Xaquixe since its inception
Arturo has been working with glass for over seven years with a continuous focus on learning new techniques.
He is responsible for Studio Xaquixe’s production operations and studio staff
and is principal artistic assistant to Christian Thornton. Arturo is from Telixtlahuaca, Oaxaca, Mexico.


Pablo Cruz Juárez

Pablo Cruz Juárez

Pablo is a glass artisan and jack-of-all-trades, assisting in various detailed steps in the technical process of production.
He oversees glass separation in our Recycling Center, the charging of our furnaces and the organization of our inventory.
Pablo serves as an artistic assistant to Christian Thornton. He is a native of Telixtlahuaca, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Christian Thornton

Christian is a glass artist and sculptor
who has exhibited his work internationally.
With more than twenty years of experience working with glass,
Christian's advanced technical skills include
designing and building sustainable and environmentally
friendly ovens and equipment.
After two decades of work in the industry he has innovated
designs and systems that include an infrastructure and formula
for producing high-quality recycled glass.
In addition to his work at Studio Xaquixe in Oaxaca Christian has also
developed recycled glass projects in Maho Bay, St. John in the U.S.
Virgin Islands. He is the studio’s Artistic Director and Master Artist.
Christian has lived in Oaxaca for the last ten years.He is a native of New York City, USA.

Christian Thornton

Eli Barrita

Eli, one of our talented glass artisans, hails from San Agustín Etla, Oaxaca.
With an innate talent for glass work
Eli is assistant to the Head Technician in the production of blown and fused pieces.
He also serves as artistic assistant.
Eli Barrita


Megan Martin
Megan Martin
Megan Martin

Megan Martin

A born and raised Chicagoan, Megan has worked most of her life far from home - first in Kalamazoo, Michigan,
then New York City, and now in Oaxaca, Mexico. Megan’s background is in communications and radio production.
She is a graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and a former Fulbright Fellow
collaborating with indigenous radio stations in the Mixteca Alta region of Oaxaca. She is a founding member of Hub Oaxaca
- a local non-profit, and part of a global network of communities that inspire and support local social innovators
- where she serves as Host, assists in Media and Communications, and co-directs Program Development.
Megan directs our projects and program development at Studio Xaquixe.
When she is not at the Hub or at the studio, you might find her teaching radio production to youth in Oaxaca.

Salvador Pulido
Salvador Pulido is currently studying Industrial Design at the Iberoamericana University. 
Chava, as he is known at the studio, collaborates with Xaquixe designing both combustion
systems that use recycled oil as fuel, and a ceramics furnace. These projects will allow
artisans from Atzompa, a local community, to renovate and innovate their kiln processes
that have become obsolete.  And that same technology will be applied to Studio Xaquixe
in order to evolve from our LP gas system, to utilizing alternative energy resources,
which are friendlier with the environment and considerably less expensive.

Elsa Sánchez
Elsa Sánchez is a native of Oaxaca City.  She studied Tourism Enterprise Administration at the
Anáhuac University in Oaxaca.  She has worked in the finance and administration areas for
different local companies, as well as traveled to the United States visiting museums and
cultural institututions promoting Oaxacan art and culture. She has extensive knowledge of
textile weaving and natural dyeing processes due to her past work with Oaxacan weavers. 
She is the Operations Administrator at Studio Xaquixe where she manages the daily accounting
responsibilities, customer service and orders for the company.

The Impact

To date, nineteen Oaxacans from the Mixtec and the Mixe indigenous groups - both localities with high levels of marginalization
have worked or are working at the studio, learning how to operate different equipment and tools
as well as different techniques in blowing, casting and fusing glass.
The studios versatility offers the community-at-large the opportunity to learn more about the potential of glass
whilst helping the apprentices see glass as more than just a product.




























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