Fine Art Glass

Our studio equipment includes three furnaces

three glory holes, three large front-loading annealers, two fusers
a flat shop and a small coldworking area for cutting and polishing.

The recycled glass is mixed with as little as 3% raw materials

to create a final product that is
transparent, elastic and receptive to color.
We call this “formulated glass”.

Glass for the studio is bought from small bottling businesses and waste vendors from nearby and distant villages

- which has contributed to an increase in the community of people that separate their recyclable waste.
Likewise, we have received glass from environmentally conscious individuals separating materials in their homes
but who lack a central place for collection of these material.

The techniques we employ in the studio include:

Hot Processes

Injection mold process
Lost wax casting
Sand casting
Open mold hot casting
Glass sculpting
Painting on glass

Cold Processes

Carving with sandblasting
Cold sculpting
Cutting and drilling
Bonding and gluing
Fine Glass Studio
Glass Studio
Fine Art Glass

All these techniques are used in our different product lines and designs at Studio Xaquixe.

In the case of sculpture, many of the techniques are complementary to the creative process
responding to the needs required by each project and the design of the artist.
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Glass Studio
Fine Glass Studio
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