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Sand Casting Classes

Sand Casting Classes

Level One Sand Casting

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Anything you can imagine is real! Open the door to the world of sand casting where any shape or figure is possible.
Through our Level One Sand Casting course you will discover the potential of this agile technique
- used to create solid glass sculptures by pouring glass into molds shaped by sand.
Combine colors and textures to experiment with a myriad of glass forms.
The possibilities are endless. Come test the waters!

Course Objectives

1. Explore the boundaries, in step with the depth of potential of sand casting through personal practice.
2. Gain confidence working with the tools and materials (the glass, as well as the mold)
3. Have fun experimenting with color, thickness, curvature and form - getting to know the unique behavior of glass.
4. Creative expression and experimentation are key as you play with color application and the introduction of new materials
to expand the reach of your work.
5. Master the intricacies of temperature and timing, applying what you’ve learned of the nature of glass
to properly configure the kiln, as well as the annealing process.
6. Open the door to deeper understanding by designing your own piece.
Contemplate the gap between design thinking and results, sharpening your technique each time.
7. Go Team! Work with glass in concert with others to more efficiently create pieces. Synchronicity and communication is key.
8. The Leave-Unscathed Rule: learn and practice measures to safely work with this material in the studio.

This course includes:

Written course material
The use of studio equipment, tools and kilns
Time for annealing of the student’s pieces (*)
Use of consumable materials: glass, glass frits and powders
Access to our library of glass art and design books and print materials

(*) Every piece the student creates is their own property

General Notes for Class

Students should come equipped with paper, ruler, pen, pencil and eraser.
It is the responsibility of the student to be a conscientious actor in our space, working safely and respectfully
and cleaning up the work area at the end of use.
Students can only work accompanied by workshop staff
(any damage to the space or equipment is the responsibility of the student).
The cost of classes is paid in Mexican pesos, and is subject to change based on fluctuating costs of gas and electricity.
Discretion on student advancement to the next course level is left to the instructor.

Safety Regulations (required)

Always wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection
Use closed toed shoes (preferably leather)
Dress in cotton shirts and pants (this includes cotton denim)
Do not wear metallic jewelry on your wrists, fingers, neck or ears
Tie loose hair back away from your face
Sand Casting Classes
Sand Casting
Sand Casting
Sand Casting Classes
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