Fine Art Glass

Handmade Glass Products

Studio Xaquixe offers a wide range of design product possibilities
providing that distinctive touch to your table or your special event.

We create with a mind towards our impact on the earth.
Thus, every product you purchase through our studio has been fabricated
with equipment and techniques that reduce our energy usage by up to 35%.
Likewise, our glass base is “formulated glass” - a mix of 95% recycled glass and only 5% raw materials.
We are constantly working to innovate our techniques and tools
to better enable us to achieve our ecological goals for sustainability.

In addition, Studio Xaquixe has the proven experience to guarantee the highest quality
in all of our products in whatever dimension.
Our tested designs attain a high standard for durability, as well as color resistance.

One hundred percent of our work is made by hand
in some cases with the assistance of injection molds to assure exact reproduction of size and form.
Thus, each piece has a story that has passed through the hands
of one of our talented technicians and artisans.

When you invest in a Studio Xaquixe product, you invest in quality, distinctive design
environmental sustainability and fair value for original, handcrafted work.

Glass Products

Glass Products
Hand Blown Glass
Hand Blown Glass
Hand Blown Glass
Hand Blown Glass

Utilitarian Hand-blown Glass

Shot glasses
Base plates
Glass caps & stoppers
Vases & decorative pieces
Wine Decanters
Custom made pieces
Hand Blown Glass

Utilitarian Blown Glass with Injection Molds

Mezcal and liquor bottles
Souvenir bottles
Shot glasses
Utilitarian Glass
Utilitarian Glass
Hand Blown Glass
Fused Glass

Decorative Fused Glass Products

Lamp shades
Decorative Glass

Decorative Hand-blown Glass Products

Candle holders
Light installations
(plates & discs as wall hangings)
Bottle corks
Decorative Glass
Architectural Glass

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