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Kiln Casting

Level One Kiln Casting

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Explore the process of forging solid glass sculptures using molds in our Level One Kiln Casting class.
Uncover techniques to fire partially or completely encapsulated glass forms in a mold.
As you introduce your work to the heat of the kiln
get to know the process of melting and annealing the material by testing on your own work.
Previous experience with glasswork is not necessary, only las ganas or an appetite to explore.
Glass Casting
Kiln Casting Class
Glass Kiln Casting

Course objectives

1. Uncover the techniques necessary to adapt to the fluctuating behavior of glass, its reach and its limits.
2. Understand the necessary safety measures to work with this vibrant material.
3. Don't just produce, learn to conceptualize your ideas into material, understanding the boundaries and extension of glass.
4. Comprehend the process of creating the positive model of your final piece - selecting from a range of materials
(wax, yeso, latex) for the best fit for your design.
5. Follow-up by learning the process of building the negative mold - again using specific materials appropriate for your design
(yeso and silicon sand molds, lost wax molds).
6. Zoom-in further to the process, filling the mold using glass frits or cullets or melted glass.
7. Solve cooking and annealing challenges with your own sculpture.
8. Test your hand (with gloves, please!) at extracting the sculpture from the mold.
9. Let your piece shine! Add the final touches through sanding and polishing.

This course includes:

Written course material
The use of studio equipment, tools and kilns
Use of consumable materials: glass, glass frits and powders.
Time and space for the annealing process of your piece (*)
Access to our library of glass art and design books and print materials

(*) Every piece the student creates is his/her property

General Notes for Class

Students should come equipped with paper, ruler, pen, pencil and eraser.
It is the responsibility of the student to be a conscientious actor in our space, working safely and respectfully
and cleaning up the work area at the end of use.
Students can only work accompanied by workshop staff
(any damage to the space or equipment is the responsibility of the student).
The cost of classes is paid in Mexican pesos, and is subject to change based on fluctuating costs of gas and electricity.
Discretion on student advancement to the next course level is left to the instructor.

Safety Regulations (required)

Always wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection
Use closed toed shoes (preferably leather)
Dress in cotton shirts and pants (this includes cotton denim)
Do not wear metallic jewelry on your wrists, fingers, neck or ears
Tie loose hair back away from your face
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