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Level One Glassblowing

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Our Level One Glassblowing class introduces students to the exciting world of this molten craft.
Come join our instructors in a small studio setting to learn the characteristics of glass as a malleable material.
Discover hands-on alongside our experienced staff how to create three-dimensional forms in color.
Previous experience with glasswork is not necessary, just bring las ganas (an appetite) to explore.

General Objectives (the overarching goals)

1. The student will learn the basic properties of glass
and the techniques employed to understand
the enormous design and creative potential of this material
in producing utilitarian, decorative and architectural pieces
as well as sculpture and fine craftwork.
2. The student will design and create their first pieces
following methods and applying tools
learned throughout the instructional process.

Detailed Objectives (the nitty gritty)

1. Delve into the origins of glass work and the development
of techniques throughout history and across the globe.
2. It’s ALIVE! Learn the physical characteristics of glass
to better understand how it behaves.
3. Know your impact; learn the chemical composition of glass
the resulting bi-products of the process.
4. Become familiar with the tools we employ
to blow glass and their different uses.
5. An intimate understanding: gain in-depth knowledge
of the glassblowing process through practice, practice, practice.
6. Go Team! Work with glass in concert
with others to more efficiently create pieces.
7. The Leave-Unscathed Rule: learn and practice measures to
safely work with this material in the studio.

Get on board, because this course includes:

* Written instructional materials
* Practice with pipes, molds and other tools
* The use of creative materials: glass, glass frits and powders
* Time for annealing of the student’s pieces
* Access to our library of glass art and design books and print materials
* Every piece the student creates is their own property

General Notes for Class

Students should come equipped with paper, ruler, pen, pencil and eraser.
It is the responsibility of the student to be a conscientious actor in our space, working safely and respectfully,
and cleaning up the work area at the end of use.
Students can only work accompanied by workshop staff
(any damage to the space or equipment is the responsibility of the student).
The cost of classes is paid in Mexican pesos, and is subject to change based on fluctuating costs of gas and electricity.
Discretion on student advancement to the next course level is left to the instructor.

Safety Regulations (required)

Always wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection
Use closed toed shoes (preferably leather)
Dress in cotton shirts and pants (this includes cotton denim)
Do not wear metallic jewelry on your wrists, fingers, neck or ears
Tie loose hair back away from your face
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