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Level One Fusing: Color and Form

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Our Level One Fusing course introduces students to the thrill and creative potential
of glass fusing and forms.
This is an ideal opportunity for those new to flat glasswork and techniques
as well as those interested in testing their hand at creating flat and shallow 3D forms.
As always, our focus will be on learning through DOING.
Previous experience with glasswork is not necessary.


Detailed Objectives (the nitty gritty)

Get up close and personal: experience intimate work with glass as a creative material
learning the physical characteristics to better understand how it behaves and moves, as well as its design potential.
Encounter hands-on practice: become familiar with fusing techniques; emphasis in the cycles of cooking and re-cooking
control of the ovens, balance of heat and the consequent effects of both.
Play: delve into texture and color techniques and possibilities.
Try something new: test your hand at sandblasting and acid etching.

At the close of the course you’ll have the skills to

* Cut flat glass and create flat pieces with two or three layers.
* Create simple designs and drawings in glass.
* Use fiber molds to create depth and texture in the pieces.
* Understand the programming basics (timing and annealing) to fuse and form glass.

What you walk away with

1. Your creations!
2. A summary of the theoretical principals touched on in each class
and a bibliography of additional resources.
3. A list of the materials used throughout the course
plus providers of those materials in Mexico.

What you should bring to class

1. A standard-sized notebook (letter-sized paper, at minimum) for drawing and mock-ups, colored pencils,
a black permanent marker and a ruler.
2. The studio will provide safety equipment (such as work glasses, paper masks, surgeon’s gloves and Kevlar gloves.
However, if the student requires a professional-grade dust masks or other safety equipment, they must provide it themselves.

A note to all students

1. Cooks done outside of the workshop necessitate an extra fee.
2. The instructor reserves the right to make last minute changes to the curriculum.
3. In order to enroll, each student must sign a safety waiver.
4. It is the responsibility of each student to leave the studio space and his/her work space clean and organized after use.
5. A student must never use the studio equipment or tools unassisted by a staff member.
Any injury or harm incurred while in the studio is the sole responsibility of the student.
6. It is at the discretion of the instructor to ask any student to leave the course who presents a risk to the studio,
the staff or any of the other students.
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