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Maestro Francisco Toledo

Francisco Toledo
Toledo is one of the most internationally recognized Mexican artist for not only his extensive work in the arts
but also for the creation of cultural spaces
and outstanding community work.

Toledo has a career spanning more than 50 years

in the creation of engraving, painting and sculpture.
His work has been exhibited in galleries
museums and cultural centers in Mexico and abroad
individually and collectively on multiple occasions.

Among numerous other accolades

Toledo received the following for his social and cultural commitment to the development of Oaxaca:
the Mexican National Prize (1998), the Prince Claus Award (2000) and the Right Livelihood Award (2005).
You can view some of his other artistic work by Clicking Here.

Collaborations with Maestro Toledo

In 2006; Invited to design the First Prize trophy for Direction of the Eduardo Mata Orchestra
Toledo created it in glass in collaboration with Studio Xaquixe.
It was presented at the Instrumenta Oaxaca festival in 2006.

“The Maestro” (as he is known locally) is a native Oaxacan

who has contributed enormously to the well being of his home state.
He has participated in the establishment of an art library (IAGO)
the founding of a contemporary art museum (MACO)
a library for the blind (La Biblioteca para Ciegos Jorge Luis Borges)
a photography center Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo
and the Eduardo Mata Music Library.

In 2010, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and renowned architect Ricardo Legorreta

invited the Maestro to create a piece for inclusion in a series of artistic projects
designed to commemorate the bicentennial celebration of Mexico’s independence.
He presented them with a proposal for a work in glass
- mica artwork encapsulated in hand-blown glass roundels through a fusing technique -
for installation at the Unidad de Postgrado en Economía de la UNAM building in Mexico City.

During 2011

We are working with Maestro Toledo in two projects of great importance
a lead-free, stained glass panel for the Ex-convento of San Pablo
and an urn project in honor of Maestro Carlos Monsivais.
Maestro Toledo
Francisco Toledo
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