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Studio Xaquixe as a teaching institution has been working for over eight years

to offer a diverse set of courses on the principal techniques of sustainable glass production.
What makes our coursework distinct is that we teach within an ecosystem.
Fundmental to our teaching process are the learned skills of ecological practices and the recycling of materials in our work.
The techniques we employ are unique to the infrastructure of our facilities
and the personalized attention each student receives in our workshops
offering guidance on the safe handling of tools, materials and ovens
applied in accordance with the techniques of each course and the impact on our environment.
Click on the quick list of our slate of classes:

1. Glassblowing
2. Fusing
3. Kiln Casting
4. Sand Casting
5. Glasswork Intensives

For the student looking to advance beyond the introductory skills,
the Master Classes offer advanced level coursework in each technique.
Meet our instructors, who each have more than 10 years of experience working with glass in their specific technique or field:

Luisa Restrepo

Luisa Restrepo (Medellín, Colombia)

With four years of training in England and two in Medellin, Colombia
Restrepo arrived on the Mexican landscape for inspiration.
Under the guidance of Ana Thiel, Restrepo has refined her technical skills
and developed a unique sensitivity with glass, integrating it with other sculptural materials.

Christian Thornton (New York City, United States)

A glass artist for over twenty years, working in techniques such as advanced glassblowing, fused glass, sculpture,
conservation issues and painting on glass. For a broader artistic profile of Christian, Click Here.

Salime Harp (Oaxaca, México)

A Master’s degree industrial engineer with a focus on glass production and over eleven years of experience working in glass.
For more information on Salime’s glass work as part of the Studio Xaquixe team, Click Here.
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Luisa Restrepo

Salime Harp

Salime Harp

Christian Thornton

Christian Thornton

In addition to our regular set of courses on offer

Studio Xaquixe also frequently partners with international artists to offer glass work intensives.
We partner with talented artists from around the globe
to extend opportunities for students to mix glass work with other techniques and mediums.
Some of our glass class intensives are made possible
by a collaboration with the Centro de las Artes de San Agustin (CaSa) through the support of Maestro Francisco Toledo.
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