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At Studio Xaquixe our utilitarian hand is balanced in equal parts
by a priority to give space to experimental work and the development of projects that use glass as its medium.
The work of our Master Artist, Christian Thornton, distinguished by its strict technical and creative finesse
has generated interest from artistic colleagues.
This supple medium generates a discourse only allowed by the translucency and elegance that glass affords.
Studio Xaquixe is dedicated to that continued discourse.

Studio Xaquixe has collaborated on artistic projects of great importance

both for signature artists, as well as the sites that host collections.
Artists such as Maestro Francisco Toledo, Jan Hendrix, Sergio Hernández, Arnoldo Cohen, Gandalf Gavan
Yolanda Gutierrez, Alejandro Santiago and the artists and teachers Einar and Jamex de la Torre -
have created pieces with the support and collaboration of the Xaquixe team.
Francisco Toledo

Our further goal is to help them to manipulate glass as the expression for their creations.

Artists with absolutely no experience in glass, to those with abundant experience
have worked together with our team in the studio.
Our mission is to assess the needs of the project with respect to
techniques, color applications, the combination of materials and the installation structure
to best achieve the artist’s vision.

Artists have the option to rent our studio space for a day rate to create on their own

with our staff on call to merely assist with operations.
Studio Xaquixe can also be commissioned to carry out an entire piece on behalf of and for an artist.
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