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Architectural Glass Design

Architecture Glass Design

Studio Xaquixe has had the pleasure to work with a variety of architects

to add color, light and form to their projects, designs and spaces.
Experience with glass is unnecessary for any architectural collaboration.
Our mission is to skillfully assess the needs of our clients in order to best apply
the use of technique, color, combination of materials and the structure for installation purposes.

From our years of experience working with architectural designs, we have broadened our offering of work

by innovating different techniques and fusions of materials.
This affords our clients a wide spectrum of colors, textures and material options with which to express their vision.
Likewise, we have collaborated to bring to life designs and ideas in glass, in the form of:

Decorative installations for wall hangings or skylights
Sculptural pieces

All of our work is made-to-order so that it can best realize the vision of the client.

Scroll through the images on our site to glean an idea of Xaquixe’s past work.
You can also request a look at our catalogue of past designs
or speak to a member of our team about a special project for your hotel, restaurant, office or home.
Write to or visit our Contact page to submit a query directly.
Architectural Glass
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Architectural Glass

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