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A Mission

The Studio Xaquixe project inspires, catalyzes and co-creates the innovation of
designs and processes based in holistic sustainability for the benefit of our ecosystem.

Our Vision

A shared professional vision drove Salime Harp Cruces and Christian Thornton,
promoters of the glass medium in Mexico, to begin construction in 2002 of a
380-square meter recycled glassblowing facility with a three-fold purpose:


(1) to create high-quality pieces with original designs, while
(2) counteracting the environmental destruction that Mexico currently faces, and
(3) to expand that impact locally—for appreciation of glass as an art form; and for sustainability as a culture.

Xaquixe is the only art glass studio of its kind in the region, and is continually
committed to innovating in its field throughout the world.
Glass Design

High-Quality Designs

Employing glassblowing approaches, as well as other cold and hot techniques
allows Studio Xaquixe to offer a wide range of products including many different
types of containers, centerpieces, vases, dishes and paperweights. All of our
exclusive designs—both functional and decorative—are perfect as made-to-order
gifts for special events, or as corporate offerings.

Studio Xaquixe has worked extensively within the fields of architecture and
design delivering limitless creations—lamps, panels, as well as sinks, to name a
few. In addition, the studio produces tableware in distinctive and elegant styles
with the proven experience to guarantee the highest quality in all of our products
in whatever dimension.



Environmental Sustainability

Maintaining a vision of collective responsibility for the proper care of the environment makes Xaquixe a pioneer in glass recycling (accumulating trash glass from various communities and collection centers in Oaxaca); then applying that concept to the areas of design, art and architecture using our "Formulated Glass" recipe (a mix of 95% recycled glass and only 5% raw materials).

Xaquixe has spent a decade innovating the designs for and production of ovens and studio equipment to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, and to use our resources and energy efficiently. Our self-designed heat recovery system reuses waste heat from one part of the process and funnel it to another—resulting in equipment that reduces our energy consumption by up to 35%.

We share our design model for furnaces and our heat recovery system with not only other glass shops, but also with ceramic and craft workshops, as well as artisanal brick and cinder block producers—to support them in improving their energy efficiency and to grow a chain of workshops with a commitment to low emissions in Latin America.

In an effort to further transform our energy model, Studio Xaquixe  is currently prototyping the collection of manure and organic waste to produce bio-fuel—bio-gas generated from bio-digesters. Reserves of manure from small and medium stables in nearby communities can produce not only a large source of bio-gas, but also safe liquid and solid organic fertilizers. This will make it possible to further reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy in the production process—utilizing a self-sustaining technology to create100% organic products.


Glass Classes

Our Local Impact

Studio Xaquixe supports education and training in glass work through our regular
offer of classes and workshops open to the public. We often partner with local and
international artists from within the field of glass, as well as from other disciplines,
to expand and enrich local understanding and experience of this complex art form.
Our goal is to access and broaden a local market for our designs and the designs
of others working sustainably in the field.


Xaquixe is committed to responsibly employing local people. To date, nineteen Oaxacans from local indigenous communities, all with high levels of marginalization, have been trained at our studio, learning the skills and tools necessary to create eco-conscious glass work of the highest quality.
Christian Thornton
Christian Thornton
Studio Xaquixe’s workshop is located in Magdalena Xaquixe Apasco Etla, within the Industrial Park Oaxaca 2000.
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